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Design & Build A Laneway Suite In Your Backyard

Take advantage of the new Toronto laneway suite by-laws. Design and build a multi-storied laneway house for rent or personal use.

Toronto Laneway Suite Design Ideas

A laneway suite is also referred to as a “laneway home” or “laneway house”, is a self-contained dwelling situated at the rear of a residential lot that abuts a public laneway. It’s a new cost effective option for property owners looking at alternatives to a home addition build. The laneway suite is detached from the primary property and can be used as extra space for the property owner or as a rental unit.

Toronto Laneway Suite Packages

Our laneway suite packages include a range of services from zoning and permits to design and build.

What Exactly Is A Laneway Suite?

Often times a laneway suite is a small dwelling. All of the main services such as mail delivery and garbage disposal all run from the main street, opposed to the laneway itself. This is reportedly a new upcoming trend in the city of Toronto, but laneway housing is nothing new, especially in Canada. Look no further than Vancouver for the most recent hotbed of laneway suites. The City of Toronto is reported to be the bigger older sibling stepping in to steal the spotlight. Expecting to build anywhere from 100-300 laneway suites in Toronto over the next 1-2 years.

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In June of 2018, the City of Toronto passed a series of Official Plan and By-law amendments permitting laneway suites within certain zones in the City. These amendments create as-of-right guidelines that allow laneway suites in Toronto to be built under certain circumstances without requiring variances through the Committee of Adjustment, saving property owners both time and money. Over the summer of 2019, the geographic area that the by-law covers was extended to cover the entire City of Toronto.

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Toronto Laneway Suite Requirements

Interested in adding a laneway house to your properties growing value? Then you should be made aware of what’s required to build a laneway suite.

Requirements for eligibility of a Toronto Laneway Suite:

Laneway Suite Blog

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Added Benefits

Our laneway suites are completed quick and clean. Plus, they come with the added benefits of security and peace of mind.


We provide manufacturers warranty on all laneway home products we supply and a 1 year warranty guarantee on all workmanship.


We are covered up to 2 million liability insurance and all of our workers and sub-trades have WSIB coverage.


Other contractors may offer you a lower price to build your laneway suite, but they usually come with hidden costs.


You’re only as good as your reputation and we are that good. Read property owner reviews on Homestars and TrustedPros.

Identify Your Budget

Knowing your budget will give you a better idea of what limitations you may have in deciding how you are going to build your laneway home. The materials you choose, floor plan and design will factor into the cost of the laneway suite.

Know What You Want

Since a laneway suite is a financial investment, we recommend doing your research. Look for information on laneway suite costs, designs, and materials. This will help you to get a more reliable estimate when you start meeting with laneway suite contractors.

Don't Focus On Price

When choosing a contractor for your laneway suite, it’s best to focus less on price, and more on how you feel about the contractor. You want to find someone that is reliable, trustworthy, and has experience with laneway housing. At 2×2 Construction, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and customer satisfaction.


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