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Plan and build your attached or detached garage. Convert your old garage or build from scratch. Singles, doubles and more.

Build A Garage Addition With 2X2

Are you looking to build a garage addition? If so, 2×2 Construction is the best choice for Toronto & GTA home owners. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and most importantly, our attention to detail. Moreover, our mission is to take your unique space and transform it into area that you can enjoy for years to come.

Design & Build Your Next Garage

Building a garage for your home is a great way to add space and it’s one of the more cost effective ways of improving the value of your property. Whether you’re looking for additional parking space for your car or extra storage space for your belongings, we can build anything to suit your needs.

Attached two car garage

Attached Garage

An attached garage addition is ideal for homeowners who want access to their garage from their home to avoid harsh weather conditions. Attached garages are also great for homeowners with limited lot size and are looking for a less costly option.

detached garage

Detached Garage

A detached garage is a great option if you are looking for full customization and have the space available on your property to accommodate it. A detached garage would be built as its own completely separate structure, providing greater flexibility than an attached garage addition would.

garage with bedroom on top

Room Above Garage

In Toronto, this is referred to as a Laneway Suite. It is a great way to increase your living space whether it is just to increase the storage space above your garage or to create an additional bedroom. See our Toronto Laneway House Design & Build page for more information.
  • Art studio
  • Workshop
  • Bedroom
  • Apartment
  • Storage space

How much does it cost to build a garage?

The cost to build a garage depends on several factors. Firstly, the type and size have to be considered. Secondly, drawings and permits will add to the final cost. Most importantly, the finishings and intended usage will contribute to the overall price.

An example of a two car detached garage (24′ x 24′) is between $60,000-$75,000. This includes the basics; garage foundation, framing, eavestroughs with gutters, roofing, garage doors with motors, man-door entrance, and exterior garage finishing.

The following chart can be used as a starting point when pricing the cost of building a 24×24 garage.

Type Price
Detached Garage Starting at $55,000 + HST
Attached Garage Starting at $55,000 + HST
Room Above Garage Starting at $125,000 + HST

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Why 2×2 is right for you

Your garage is completed quick and clean, plus it comes with the added benefits of security and peace of mind.


We provide manufacturers warranty on all products we supply and 1 year warranty guarantee all workmanship.


We are covered up to 2 million liability insurance and all of our workers and sub trades have WSIB coverage.


Many other contractor will offer you a lower price to get the job, but they will surprise you with extra hidden costs.


You’re only as good as your reputation and we are that good. Check out our Homestars reviews.

Identify Your Budget

Knowing your budget will give you a better idea of what limitations you may have in deciding how you are going to build your garage. The materials you choose and changes you make to the layout will factor into the cost.

Know What You Want

Since adding a garage to your home is a financial investment, you should do your research into garage addition designs and materials, which will make it easier to get a more reliable estimate when you start meeting with contractors.

Don't Focus On Price

When choosing a contractor, it’s best to focus less on price, and more on how you feel about the contractor. You want to find someone that is reliable, trustworthy, and has experience building a garage. At 2×2 Construction, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and customer satisfaction.


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